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Mobile devices account for over half of all website traffic. So your website must react to user actions across all devices, screen sizes, and resolutions. Unibrix delivers responsive web design services to make your platform profitable and user-friendly.
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Services We Provide for Responsive Web Design

As a responsive website development company, we deliver the following services:

Creating Responsive Websites from Scratch

Ensure flawless user experience by creating a responsive design for your website from scratch. The Unibrix team can help make your customers satisfied.

Making Your Existing Website Responsive

There’s no problem if your website is unresponsive. Convert its design into a responsive one with Unibrix! We’ll make a fresh look for your web platform, compatible with different devices, screen sizes, and resolutions.

Designing Responsive Web Applications

Our dedicated team can handle your web app’s responsive design. We offer a refined product design process and practical expertise gained through working with numerous businesses.

Designing iOS and Android Mobile Apps

If a responsive website is not enough to satisfy your business needs, Unibrix can design iOS and Android mobile apps. We will ensure a seamless transition from your website to the mobile application and vice versa.

Our Responsive Website Design Process

As a responsive website design company, we go through several stages to deliver a high-quality solution.

Defining the Requirements

Delivering the Responsive Design

Initiating the Design Process

Supervising the Development

Why to Choose Unibrix for Responsive Web Design

Unibrix, a responsive web development company, has many strengths. Here are the ones that will keep you with us:

Communicate with Designers Directly

Simplify your life and stop wasting time communicating with numerous managers and other specialists. At Unibrix, you can interact with designers directly, solving all issues quickly and efficiently.

Get Only Necessary Design Services

We value each client and offer them as much added value as possible. Our company provides only the most necessary services. We won’t charge anything extra as our guiding philosophy is effective solutions at favorable prices.

Pluses of Responsive Website Design

Why do you need responsive web design? Unibrix, a responsive website design agency, reveals the main reasons and benefits.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization

Mobile user-friendliness is a critical search engine ranking factor. Therefore, by making your website responsive, you increase your chances of showing up at the top of search results.

Create a Consistent UX

The user experience on your website is consistent across all devices when you opt for a responsive design. It helps make your user journey seamless.

Get Faster Content Optimization

One of the main tasks of responsive design is content optimization. In other words, all content on your website will load swiftly on different devices of any size.

Get a Cost-Effective Solution

If you compare a responsive website with a dedicated mobile web platform, the first one is much more profitable. You get an all-in-one solution available on all devices.


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