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Privowny is a true pioneer in personal data security solutions.

While cooperating with the company for over a decade, Unibrix has been responsible for its entire backend, parts of frontend development, and testing script automation.


Privowny started cooperation with Unibrix back in 2010. The client had another development provider at that time, but quickly shifted the majority of infrastructure development to the Ukrainian IT solutions provider.

Besides, the client created various features for controlling individual digital footprint.

Apart from acquiring all of the context, Unibrix team needed to handle database and APIs as well as create admin interfaces, browser extensions, and other pieces of software.


Unibrix built on top of the Privowny’s MySQL database and Java-based APIs and improved them.

Later, the dev team implemented an OpenID authentication using Keycloak. Unibrix also developed automation scripts for testing and updating key components.
Unibrix team continued enhancing and supporting frontend of the apps. We redesigned browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and created several interfaces for admin and user account management.
Since the beginning of our cooperation, Privowny considered Unibrix as the original product team. Our developers were the ones who designed all of the architecture and developed most of the solutions.

This allowed to deliver a range of products: a password manager, alias email manager, tracker manager, data manager etc. Unibrix augmented team helped to get System Usability Scale scores over 72, grow the client’s company, and commercialize its services.

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