Dedicated Development Team

Unibrix is a dedicated software development team that matches IT businesses with great specialists. We understand partner project objectives, and business processes and deliver exceptional customer service. Not enough hands for a specific task or project implementation? Our dedicated software developers are ready to become a part of your team and solve even the most complex assignments directly without any help from managers.
Unibrix team brings your idea to life.
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Models of Dedicated Development Team Cooperating

The Unibrix team always knows how to make the process of dedicated software development as comfortable and efficient as possible for our customers. Regardless of the industry, we always act upon the same values.

Our specialists integrate into the team

Our developers temporarily become part of your team and fully integrate into it. In this cooperation model, your business and our experts work as one. Most Unibrix developers have excellent English skills. Due to this, communication takes place directly, without managers or intermediaries.

Dedicated development apart from the client's team

This hiring process model is ideally suited for small projects or specific challenges. Our specialists handle the task independently, without overlapping with the client's team. Just tell us your demands, and we will provide you with the best solution.

Unibrix specialists become the only development team

Do you have an idea but no team to implement it? Unibrix is ready to become one. We deliver dedicated development team services to different businesses and know exactly what is offered. Trust our experts. The rest is up to us.
Not sure what kind of cooperation to choose?
Contact us. We will help you find the right one and match you with seasoned developers.

Our Dedicated Development Team Setup Process

Our dedicated software team is focused on long-term projects with enterprises and startups. Each development team setup process consists of the following steps to provide the best performance.

Time setting and stages launch

Team Setup Process

Approval of project/team requirements

Support, editing, and team management

Start of cooperation

Analysis and estimation

Why Choose Unibrix Dedicated Development Team

Unibrix team always knows how to make the process of dedicated software development as comfortable and efficient as possible for our customers. Regardless of the industry, we always act upon the same values.

Direct communication with developers without intermediaries

The days of the Chinese whispers are over. You no longer need to contact countless managers to set technical specifications, make edits or get the information you need. 90% of dedicated software developers have excellent English and communicate with customers independently.

Proposing only necessary services

Giving the maximum benefit, not the charge in the check — that's our principle. Unibrix offers only the most effective and necessary solutions for IT businesses. We are always there to propose beneficial suggestions at a reasonable cost.

Pluses of Dedicated Software Development Team

There are many factors to consider when choosing a dedicated development company. Minor issues can threaten an entire project. Unibrix specialists are more than just good developers. Our experience gives us a range of advantages that leave others behind.

Keeping your usual working process

When in the client's team, do as the team does. We don't see any point in imposing our methods or retraining your people. Neither do not we hinder the project by misleading the team with our instructions. We are not great fans of dictatorship. Our specialists adjust to your usual routine and workflow. It ensures your team is not stressed, and the integration process becomes fast and comfortable.

Acting independently when it's really called for

Unibrix specialists know how to manage work processes quickly and efficiently when it's needed. If the internal workflows are out of order and the client's team has no idea what to grab onto, we're here to help. Our team will be savvy and self-organized to accomplish the assignment at hand.
Experienced developers understand how to smooth the processes in the client's business and bring the task to successful completion. Keep your mind at ease: your project is in good hands. We are responsible for the result.

We offer different cooperation models

Depending on your requirements, we offer three different ways of collaboration. You can integrate Unibrix specialists into your staff, define an independent task or hire our team as the only developers. Based on our experience, these are the most optimal cooperation models. If there is a doubt about the choice, our experts will provide detailed consultation.

Clear communication with developers

Hire a dedicated development team, which does not need managers, translators, and other intermediaries to keep in touch with customers. Our specialists communicate directly to foreign partners with a good knowledge of English. This approach saves you time and money. There is no need to pay a third party for communication with the team. Focus on tasks and projects that really matter.

Professional Team

We engage only with the best developers. To find professionals, we conduct a careful selection process, including multiple tasks. Our dedicated software team succeeded in different areas, particularly HealthCare, FinTech, and Crypto. Unibrix experts know how to carry out expertise, optimize costs and implement projects of every complexity from scratch. We are not afraid of challenges and take on the task responsibly. When you trust us, you charge a team of dedicated specialists who are in love with their projects.


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