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Blade is an innovative digital wallet meant to be a portal to Web3.

The client behind it had an idea of a wallet based on Hedera Hashgraph.

The company hired Unibrix to make it a reality while finding the optimal tech solution.



Most Web3 platforms like OpenSea are difficult for Web2 users, and they lack of comprehensive how-to guides.

By contrast, Blade was envisioned as a solution that doesn’t need any explanation.

The client requested a universal wallet that would be easy to integrate, require no sign-in, and simplify the usage.


Unibrix immersed with the idea so much it had given the name to Blade wallet
Analyzing the pros and cons of blockchain.
Making the most of
Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)
Crafting simple yet appealing user interfaces with engaging and straightforward user experience
Architecting flawless mobile apps and browser extensions with a military-grade security and enterprise-level scalability


market expertise
The Unibrix team learned about a new niche in very short terms and quickly created an end-to-end solution.
Two apps for iOS and Android were developed within tight deadlines. They have a simple interface with account data, transaction history, and token gallery.
Extensions for Chrome and other browsers are currently in the making.


In close cooperation with the client’s company, Unibrix built superb apps for a universal digital wallet that gives hassle-free access to CEX/DEX, NFTs, metaverse gaming, etc.

All it needs is the user’s address: another user has to create it, which drives the word of mouth strategy.

Importantly, the app is easy to integrate with different systems and relies on a fiat currency (USD) which makes it predictable and favorable to enterprise customers of the client.

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