IT Staff Augmentation Services

Is there a talent gap in your team? Or maybe you’d want to take your software development to a new, exceptional level. Hiring specialists has never been smoother with Unibrix, an IT staff augmentation company.
Do you need fresh skills? Unibrix can help!
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IT Staff Augmentation Services We Provide

Our staff augmentation company will handle the full-cycle software development for you.

Back-End Web Development

Our professionals will readily take over the server-side of your project. Unibrix, in particular, offers specialists in Python and Django. With our staff augmentation services, you no longer need to worry about your product’s back-end.

Front-End Web Development

Get excellent React.js developers from Unibrix to create a flawless front-end for your product. What’s the outcome? Clean and clear code and employees that perfectly complement your existing team.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Create universal mobile applications supported on iOS and Android. We’ll provide you with React Native developers to deliver decent cross-platform solutions.


Our augmentation services also include DevOps. Unibrix experts will help you with cloud migration, server and infrastructure management, virtualization, and even more.

Dedicated Development Teams

Are you looking for a team that will be devoted to your project exclusively? Then Unibrix has ​​good news for you. We offer front-end, back-end, mobile, and DevOps specialists who will dedicate all their time to your product.

Our IT Staff Augmentation Process

Unibrix coordinates the IT team augmentation process to find the best candidates in the shortest possible time.

Clarifying Requirements

Locating Potential Candidates

Conducting Interviews

Recruiting Specialists

Launching Your Project

Why to Choose Unibrix for IT Staff Augmentation

By applying for team augmentation services from Unibrix, you get a lot of advantages.

Access to a Large Talent Pool

Ukraine is a country rich in technical specialists. During our time in the market, we gathered a huge team of web and mobile development experts with extensive skill sets.

Complete Transparency

Our clients trust us because our conditions are entirely transparent. With Unibrix IT augmentation company, you can not worry about hidden fees or other pitfalls.

High Flexibility

Our clients trust us because our conditions are entirely transparent. With Unibrix IT augmentation company, you can not worry about hidden fees or other pitfalls.

Pluses of IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation is about running your business effectively. And here’s why:

Hire Whenever You Need

You can expand your existing staff to meet short-term purposes or sign a long-term contract with a dedicated team. Hire professionals on the go according to the current needs of your business.

Hire Worldwide

IT augmentation companies like Unibrix open access to a large pool of talented experts. You can hire specialists for your project practically anywhere.

Get a Cost-Effective Solution

IT staff augmentation services are a financially successful company strategy. You can employ as many people as you want and pay for high-quality talent for as long as you need.

Increase Operational Efficiency

IT staff augmentation companies help increase operational efficiency by offering high flexibility. Not only do you get qualified experts, but you also don’t have to deal with their retention.

Scale Quickly

When your company is in critical need of new employees, augmentation services are a must. You can quickly hire the experts you require to boost your business’ efficiency.

Access Fresh Opinions and Expertise

Filling an existing team with new employees is always about sharing valuable experiences. You can hire experts who will bring new ideas to your business.

Get Full Control

The peculiarity of IT staff augmentation is that all involved candidates will be under your supervision. As a result, you can track the entire development process and its success.


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